Big Pig 2013 event
Cornerstone Merchant Services Akiko & William Adams
RAISED: $1,737.17
Pig Picture

Cheshire Piggy
RAISED: $1,168.77
Pig Picture

RAISED: $110.00
Pig Picture
RAISED: $100.00
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The 2014 Helping Hands of Vegas Valley Piggy Race has begun!

Make your donation to your favorite Piggy or sponsor!

Helping Nevada Senior Citizens

Las Vegas Senior Helping Hands of Vegas Valley, a 501(c)(3) designated nonprofit, was established in Nevada in June 2000 with the purpose of helping senior citizens remain independent in their own homes. Helping Hands provides FREE services (transportation, respite care vouchers, and a food pantry) that are greatly needed by the seniors in our community. To learn more about our programs and services click here, or visit the Helping Hands of Vegas Valley website.

What Is The Piggy Race?

The Piggy Race is a campaign to raise donations and awareness for the program that Helping Hands of Vegas Valley provides. An income-qualified food pantry service, free transportation, and respite care vouchers are critical to low-income Southern Nevada seniors. Adopt your piggy today to participate, and help us make a difference.

How Do I Participate?

   Step 1. Adopt your Piggy on the ADOPT Page

   Step 2. Pick up your Piggy from one of our PICKUP LOCATIONS

   Step 3. Collect donations from friends and colleagues

   Sit back and watch your piggy race against others!

Adoption Donation:

Your $20 adoption donation gets you a cute ceramic piggy to keep and a place in the race.

Have FUN With it!

The fun really starts after you receive your ceramic piggy and create your piggy’s online profile. In addition to taking your piggy to work and sharing with friends and coworkers, your piggy can take on a personality of its own and socialize on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other avenues.

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